Turn your biggest fans into your best marketers.

Attracting new clients should be simple, stress free and automatic.

Melon is an app that helps business owners generate and share online reviews. We make it easy for your past clients to talk to your future clients (about how awesome you are).

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Generate Client Reviews

Reviews are digital word-of-mouth and the #1 quickest way to generate more local online leads.


Better Local Google Results

Google loves a steady stream of online reviews and rewards you with higher local placement and more clicks. 

Built-in social proof

Wall of Love

We organize your reviews into a beautiful wall of love that you can easily embed on your

easy as pie

Reviews from your Pocket

Send review invitations to your clients from our mobile or desktop app. It literally takes 14 seconds (ish).

Set your timing

Review Reminders

We detect if a review has been left and send out reminders, you decide when the reminders should be sent.


Reusable Templates

Create custom email templates for specific client types to save time and personalize your invites.


Automatic Double Dipping

We leverage your best client reviews by automatically sharing them to your Facebook page.


Reviews from your Pocket

Send review invitations to your clients from our mobile or desktop app. It literally takes 14 seconds (ish).

Why Reviews Work

It used to be that you could make grand claims about yourself. You’d shout about how amazing you are, how talented you are, and how trustworthy you are.

It doesn’t work anymore. As consumers, we’ve been trained to filter out self boasting and bragging. We see right through it.

 Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising

When your clients are researching online and preparing to make a purchase decision, online reviews are the #1 tool they use to decide whether or not you are trustworthy enough to do business with.

Melon helps you generate and automate your online reviews.

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95% of consumers say online reviews have a significant impact on their purchase decision.
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88% of consumers now trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Which business would you choose?

"Since I’ve implemented Melon into my business I have seen huge growth in my inbox. I used to send my clients to review me at Wedding Wire, but it isn’t as efficient or effective as Melon is! I highly recommend this app to anyone who needs to save time!
Morgan Wirth
Wedding Photographer
"I know I need to ask my customers for reviews but I never remember to actually do it. Melon has saved me a ton of time as I try to track down reviews from my recent customers. Needless to say, I'm extremely satisfied with the results. You won't regret it!"
Johnny Little
All In One Fencing

Your photos add even more impact to your online reviews.

Your reviews stand out and pack even more punch when they include a photo from your business.

Easily add a custom photo from your job site or of a finished product to your client invite. From there, your client can post it with their Google review.

Young designer drinking coffee in office, having rest
Florist planting plants

Get more photography clients by automatically generating social proof.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Google reviews can I generate?

Unlimited. We never cap the number of invites you can send or the number of reviews you can receive. Our entire mission is to help you generate as many client reviews as possible.

Can I add my Google reviews to my website?

Absolutely. We make it simple to add your best reviews to your website. We call it the ‘Wall of Love’. Just add a simple code snippet to your website and you’re good to go (we’re happy to help you get it setup). Take a peek at our review widget.

Does Melon generate reviews on platforms other than Google?

No. Just Google. Why? Because it’s the world’s biggest search engine (by far) and it’s the first stop for people who are searching for businesses in their local area. 

Is Melon an app?

Sort of. The Melon app lives on the web – but it can still be added to your home screen like regular apps.

We have a podcast about growing and optimizing your local business