Why Online Reviews Matter for Photographers

You might be thinking to yourself, “Can reviews really help me land that many new clients?” The quick answer is, “Yes!” Here’s why online reviews are so crucial for photographers.

You’re a great photographer. You have an amazing portfolio. Your clients love your work.

But how can you get in front of even more clients?

The secret to getting more photography clients is building your online reputation with reviews on Google and Facebook. 

When you get more reviews, your online footprint gets bigger, expanding your reach and putting your portfolio in front of hundreds — if not thousands — of people in your area who are looking for photographers just like you!

You might be thinking to yourself, “Can reviews really help me land that many new clients?” The quick answer is, “Yes!” Here’s why online reviews are so crucial for photographers.

Clients Rely on Online Reviews

It’s true. Clients rely on online reviews to make informed decisions about hiring a photographer.

Think about it. They read reviews about their dog walker, their hairdresser, and their mechanic, just to name a few. It makes sense that they would depend on reviews to find a photographer for their graduation, engagement, wedding day, kid’s birthday, or pet’s photos.

Reviews are the lifeblood of any service-based business. Getting more online reviews on Google and more testimonials for your website is the best way to turn your existing clients into your biggest supporters. 

Melon helps wedding photographers get more clients automatically.

Growing as Professional Photographers

Ever wonder how you’re doing? Or how you measure up to other photographers? Or what services should you be offering?

Constructive feedback helps us grow professionally, especially if you’re just starting as a professional photographer. Getting direct feedback from your clients through reviews and testimonials can help you figure out how you can improve your skills and become a better photographer.

More experienced photographers can gain a lot from client reviews, too. You can get notes on what you do well, how you can market yourself to clients looking for a similar project, and how you can stay up to date with the latest trends.

Reviews are the Best Ads for Photographers

From the moment we wake up until we fall asleep, we’re all inundated with advertising. They’re everywhere: on our phones, in our social feeds, on our TVs.

 We’re all going through some level of information overload. It’s easy just to tune it all out. But online reviews are the secret weapon for cutting through the noise. 

Doing good work and encouraging your clients to sell your services for you is a simple and effective way to cut through the noise.

Local SEO

In addition to the content on your website, your Google reviews can have a drastic impact on how you appear in Google search results for local photographers. 

Google and other search engines use your location to suggest local businesses around you. When people look through their local search results, the businesses with the highest ratings get the most clicks.

To make sure you’re showing up in more local searches for photographers, you need as many positive Google reviews as you can get.

How to Get More Photography Reviews

The most challenging part of building your online reputation is getting reviews from your clients. You’re great at what you do, but your clients aren’t writing reviews for you on Google. 

What gives?

You’ve heard it before, but it’s worth repeating here: Happier customers tend not to leave reviews. 


There are a few reasons why people don’t leave reviews. But for most people, they’re busy, and leaving a positive review of your photography doesn’t cross their minds. 

Think about it — when was the last time you left a review for an app in the App Store or recommended a take-out restaurant on Facebook?

That’s why you need to be proactive about your online reputation, reaching out to your clients the right way and at the right time to get the positive review you want.

If you need help getting online reviews for your photography business, check out Melon. Melon makes getting reviews painless and straightforward for you and your clients.

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